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Championnat National 2019

Ostatnia aktualizacja strony08.03.2020 16:00:16, Creator: ljmuller84,Last Upload: cmoscoso

Sortowanie zawodników wg Elo

10FMJean Louis Marckens11900270HAI2081
2Germinal Kemly11900571HAI1978
8Gedeus Steven Daniel11900873HAI1969
9Guillaume Jude Mirvens11900792HAI1965
7Brice Guerdy11900296HAI1875
4Paul Joason11900580HAI1765
3Docteur Jean Peterson11900687HAI1756
12Cossi James Willer11901403HAI0
5AIMEtienne Angelo361096937HAI0
1Gabriel Davidson11901284HAI0
11Raymond Johny11901500HAI0
6Victor Wyclef11901268HAI0
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