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27th F.W. de Verteuil Memorial Open 2019

Senast uppdaterad19.11.2019 05:17:44, Creator/Last Upload: trinidad & tobago chess association


1FMMc Intosh Isaiah7703791TTO2231
2FMJohnson Joshua7700768TTO2185
3FMMerritt Mario7700148TTO2175
4FMHarper Ryan7700156TTO2161
5FMJoseph Marcus7700393TTO2069
6CMSingh Ravishen7700199TTO2028
7Cobham Marcus7700989TTO2012
8Waldron Omari7701438TTO1945
9Lee Hayden7700350TTO1898
10Ramdath Simon7702515TTO1893
11CMYearwood Sean7702426TTO1855
12Bartholomew Kena7700911TTO1846
13CMSears Frank7700121TTO1843
14Noel Roderick7700083TTO1809
15CMLee Cecil7700164TTO1743
16Bowles Andrew7700237TTO1740
17Khafra Enen-Sa-Te Faab7704844TTO1656
18Archer Carl7702612TTO1636
19Maynard David7703716TTO1537
20Valentine Bryan7701721TTO1364
21Flower Trevor7701470TTO1678
22Primus Prince7700725TTO1534
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