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38th Chess Olympiad 2008 Women

Last update 02.05.2009 16:13:14, Creator/Last Upload: heinz herzog

Team composition for federation SRI

112. SRI (RtgAvg:2169, Captain:Weeramantry, Sunil)
1Russell M K A2230SRI
2Peiris T G M2100SRI
3Wijesuriya G Luxman2075SRI
4Rajapakse R M C M2132SRI
5Annurudha G C2212SRI
81. SRI (RtgAvg:1850, Captain:S. Atapattu)
1WCMWijesuriya G V1937SRI
2Walallawita Lihini1818SRI
3Perera Anjana1830SRI
4Thilakawardana Supeshala1815SRI
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