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Cupa de Iarna - grupa C

Last update 12.02.2012 17:41:56, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 21)

Starting rank

1Andronic AlexandraROU1201Sc. N. Iorga Focsani
2Anghel AlexandruROU1201Sc. N. Iorga Focsani
3Apopei LetitiaROU1201Sc. A. Vlahuta Focsani
4Banciu AlexandraROU1201Sc. Ion Basgan Focsani
5Banu OanaROU1201Sc. A. Vlahuta Focsani
6Bujor AndreiROU1201Sc. Ion Basgan Focsani
7Bujor RaduROU1201Sc. Ion Basgan Focsani
8Danciu ValentinROU1201Sc. A. Vlahuta Focsani
9Ionita AlexandraROU1201Sc. N. Iorga Focsani
10Marin AndreiROU1201Sc. N. Iorga Focsani
11Moraru AndreiROU1201Sc. D. Zamfirescu Focsani
12Nuta AndreeaROU1201Sc. A. Vlahuta Focsani
13Palade AndreeaROU1201Sc. A. Vlahuta Focsani
14Popa StefaniaROU1201Sc. A. Vlahuta Focsani
15Postolache AndreiROU1201Sc. Ion Basgan Focsani
16Pruteanu ClaudiuROU1201Sc. A. Vlahuta Focsani
17Puscasu Stefan-TudorROU1201Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
18Smada GabrielROU1201Sc. A. Vlahuta Focsani
19Smada MihaelaROU1201Sc. A. Vlahuta Focsani
20Toader DanielROU1201Sc. N. Iorga Focsani