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Egyptian (Boys U18) 2012

Last update 03.02.2012 17:59:47, Creator/Last Upload: egyptian chess federation

Starting rank

1WGMMona Khaled106059082132w
2Nader Mohamed106001592059
3Abdel Moneim Hosam M106003611886
4Shrief Mostafa106102431862
5Saad Moustafa106136921818
6Ibrahim Begad106136331813
7Elansary Ahmed106129631764
8Magdy Ahmed106041111748
9Raouf John106088691705
10Abdallah Ibrahim0
11Ashraf Shereif106182600
12Desouky Eiad0
13Elgohary Ahmed0
14Elhares Amro106119080
15Hatem Ayman0
16Hesham Mohamed0
17Hussein Ahmed Mahmoud0
18Kamal Eldin Ahmed0
19Mohamed Hussien106166400
20Osama Mohamed106088340
21Sabry Mohamed0
22Zakaria Ahmed Ashraf106084510
23Rafaat Romany0