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2012 IRT Invitational de la Manta Real

Last update 07.01.2012 14:21:49, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank list of players

1Torres Carlos Andres4421345COL203920392039
2Morantes Maldonado Brando G4407733COL199819981998
3Corredor Fabian4409299COL199119911991
4Cortes Maria Angelica4415361COL198819881988
5Abril Bernal Jhonatan4410874COL194019401940
6Morantes Maldonado Hans M4408446COL192519251925
7Nieto Manuel Valerio Waldo4409612COL190319031903
8Nieto Guillermo Luigui Ubald4409604COL186118611861
9Rojas Castillo Andrea Lizeth4409701COL175817581758
10Silva Suna Juan Esteban4421728COL164316431643