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young talents 2011 - Open B Schach-Ritter Kinderopen

Last update 29.11.2011 21:03:22, Creator: schach-ritter,Last Upload: burgenländischer schachverband

Starting rank

1Akar BerdanAUT1385Schach-Ritter Mattersburg
2Pichler StefanAUT1317Horn Union Ratten
3Dienbauer HerbertAUT1314Schach-Ritter Mattersburg
4Kamensek David MichaelAUT1308Spg. Trofaiach-Niklasdorf
5Weingartner VeronikaAUT1288Sc Donaustadt Wien
6Pinterits ConstantinAUT1255Sk Neufeld-Steinbrunn
7Fuchs DanielAUT1247Sk Gloggnitz
8Segal AntonFRA1207Sk Wien-Ottakring
9Weidinger BernhardAUT1200Schach-Ritter Mattersburg
10Ernst DominikAUT1188Sgm Bad Voeslau-Kottingbr.
11Huber StefanAUT1177Sgm Bad Voeslau-Kottingbr.
12Fellner DavidAUT1174
13Kortschak RobinAUT1164Schach-Ritter Mattersburg
14Widlhofer AngelaAUT1125Schach-Ritter Mattersburg
15Posch MartinAUT1109Horn Union Ratten
16Schweighofer DanielAUT1219Horn Union Ratten
17Kortschak BenjaminAUT1082Schach-Ritter Mattersburg
18Hanifl JosefAUT0Union Raiba Oggau
19Lendvai OliverHUN0Szimultan SE
20Nehyba MartinCZE0