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Egypt Youth Championship Open U 12

Last update 19.06.2011 15:54:35, Creator/Last Upload: bechir messaoudi

Starting rank

1Yasser Allam Abdel RahmanEGY2052
2Fawzy AdhamEGY1650
3Zayan MohammedEGY1538
4Ahmed A bdel Naby MoamenEGY0
5Ahmed Mohammed AmroEGY0
6Alaa Abdel Kader OmarEGY0
7Ashraf Abdel Moneam OmarEGY0
8Hany Ahmed AhmedEGY0
9Hassan Imam IbrahimEGY0
10Hussein Abdalla MohammedEGY0
11Kareem Abdel Hafiz MarwanEGY0
12Khaled Mahmoud MohammedEGY0
13Medhat Mohammed AlyEGY0
14Mohammed Mahomoud AhmedEGY0
15Mohammed Zidan ShreifEGY0
16Nasser Hakim RomanyEGY0
17Osama Kamal KamalEGY0
18Refaat Raslan Abdel RahmanEGY0
19Sameh Salah AhmedEGY0
20Yasser MarkEGY0