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Giải Cờ Vua HKPĐ TP. Đà Nẵng năm học 2019 - 2020 Bảng Nam Mầm non

Last update 15.01.2020 05:37:17, Creator/Last Upload: vietnamchess

Starting rank

1Nguyen Duc Minh HuyHVA2000
2Le Doan Quoc VuongHVA1999
3Nguyen Truong Quang VinhHVA1998
4Dang Doan Gia HungHVA1997
5Nguyen Dinh MinhLCH1996
6Luong Bao ChauLCH1995
7Tran Truong VinhLCH1994
8Dang Ho Duy KhoaLCH1993
9Luu Hoang Gia TriNHS1992
10Phan Dong QuanNHS1991
11Thai Nhat Quang AnhNHS1990
12Vo Duc VuNHS1989
13Le Minh PhucSTR1988
14Nguyen Dang KhoaSTR1987
15Nguyen Dinh DungSTR1986
16Pham Ngoc SonSTR1985
17Truong Minh KhangTKH1984
18Dang Cong Thai BaoTKH1983
19Phan Ngoc PhucTKH1982
20Nguyen Dinh HuyTKH1981
21Tran Hoang BachHCH1980
22Nguyen Luong VuHCH1979
23Dinh Nguyen BaoHCH1978
24Tran Minh HoangHCH1977
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