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Zonal Oriental Masculino 2019

Last update 09.12.2019 19:08:48, Creator/Last Upload: cultura tlajo

Starting rank list of players

4IMFernandez De La Vara Arnaldo3518388CUB2463
7IMDiaz Perez Michel Alejandro3517179CUB2455
8IMMartinez Ramirez Lennis3509079CUB2454
9IMDiaz Murgada Rider3506703CUB2429
6GMBorges Matos Juan3500160CUB2412
3IMCampos Jimenez Augusto Cesar3517160CUB2363
5GMPerez Rodriguez Luis Manuel3503364CUB2339
1FMHeredia Perez Hector3519619CUB2297
12FMFuentes Dominguez Felix3504158CUB2255
2FMPerez Rodriguez Cesar Alejandro3518973CUB2250
11Lavigne Lopez Raul Leonardo3520609CUB2204
10Gomez Torres Richard Daniel3518396CUB2167
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