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Zonal Central Masculino 2019

Last update 08.12.2019 23:31:34, Creator/Last Upload: cultura tlajo

Starting rank list of players

5FMElias Reyes Jorge Roberto3517470CUB2379
3FMPerez Leiva Jerzy Jesus3524337CUB2373
1FMDocampo Beltran Dexter3517462CUB2347
7FMGarcia Matos Richard Alejandro3511090CUB2330
2Lemus Morales Diego Enrique3524558CUB2304
10FMSolares Orozco Kebert3527573CUB2288
9Moreno Del Pozo Orlando3507335CUB2207
8FMDuarte Napoles Fanny3504603CUB2200
4Rodriguez Dosina Adrian3522180CUB2183
11Cabrera Gonzalez Maximo Ariel3524493CUB2167
12Perez Marimon Jorge De Jesus3524582CUB2129
6Hernandez Sosa Oscar Luis3510832CUB2108
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