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2nd GMCF TN State Level Children & Open Rapid Chess Tournament 2019 Under 14 Boys

Last update 10.11.2019 09:51:59, Creator/Last Upload: r ravikumar

Player info

NameHarish Prasanaa A B
Starting rank15
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating1117
Year of birth 2006


111Kiruba Hari P1448IND6,0s 0
21223Romauld Revlon K01,5w 1
31127Tharun R03,0s 1
459Ashwin Harris Raj I0INDSudarshan Vidyashram3,0w 1
523Akkshat N1252IND5,0w 0
6524Santhosh Kumar R04,0s 0
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