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Chess in Motion Academy Rapid 2019 U-1100 Section

Ostatnia aktualizacja strony10.11.2019 02:19:11, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 3)

Lista startowa

1Anderson JavaughnJAM1090Calabar High school
2Lewis LemarJAM1080St. Georges College
3Stewart MachonJAM1075St. Georges College
4Nugent KristoffJAM1074St. Georges College
5Rose Sanjay7405162JAM1068Calabar High school
6Davis DakaraiJAM1063St. Georges College
7Mcintosh ChristianJAM1059St.Georges College
8Dixon Amani7406312JAM1047Half Way Tree Primary
9Atkinson Tyrell7406290JAM1041St. George's College
10Henry Kymanni7406479JAM1033St. Georges College
11Watson Andean7403682JAM1027St. Catherine High School
12Sutherland Daniel7405170JAM1015Calabar High school
13Green JoelJAM960Calabar High school
14Mclean Jaeivore7406525JAM960Glenmuir High School
15Bisasor Dontae7405650JAM949Glenmuir High School
16Burrell OthnielJAM922Jonathan Grant High
17Palmer Vanessa7405618JAM905St. Catherine High School
18Mais Jennovia7405235JAM902St. Catherine High School
19Hunter Jon-Marc7405227JAM884Calabar High school
20Reece Simon7406398JAM840St. Georges College
21Beadle TahieshaJAM0Glenmuir High School
22Beaumont JahmaniJAM0Kingston College
23Burton Justin7406304JAM0St. Georges College
24Carter BrianJAM0
25Dunkley ShaneJAM0Glenmuir High School
26Edwards DarrienJAM0Calabar High
27Finnikin JoelJAM0St. Georges College
28Foster JoshuaJAM0St.Catherine High School
29Francis GavinJAM0
30Graham LevarJAM0Calabar
31Grant DavianJAM0St. Catherine High School
32Green AllaniqueJAM0Glenmuir High School
33Greene AshtonJAM0Calabar High School
34Hanson DavidJAM0Glenmuir High School
35Hazel MatthewJAM0Jonathan Grant High
36Henry DejhoanJAM0Jonathan Grant High
37Hisby DanielJAM0Calabar High School
38Johnston DanielJAM0Kingston College
39Lee DannielJAM0Jonathan Grant High School
40Mcgrath AlvaJAM0St. Georges College
41Morrison Giovaughni7406355JAM0St. Georges College
42Morrison Javaughn7406363JAM0Calabar High School
43Plummer JahieemJAM0St. Catherine High School
44Reid AdianJAM0Calabar High School
45Ricketts JamieJAM0Glenmuir High School
46Scott ShamarJAM0Glenmuir High School
47Sillpatt Mikhai7406410JAM0St. Georges College
48Thompson MickyleJAM0Calabar High School
49Wee-Ellis QuwayneJAM0St. Georges College
50Williams AntoneoJAM0Jonathan Grant High
51Williams Michalia7406444JAM0Convent Of Mercy Academy "alph
52Wilson TajayJAM0St. Catherine High School
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