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Chess in Motion Academy Rapid 2019 Open / High School Section

Last update 11.11.2019 14:33:52, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 3)

Starting rank

1CMGlaves Raheem7402724JAM1975Jamaica College
2Edwards Dujean7402040JAM1675Adult
3Shaw Jaden7402880JAM1614Wolmer's Boys' School
4Brown Raehanna7402740JAM1523Campion College
5Grant Machiel7406339JAM1419St. Georges College
6Rowe Omario7405979JAM1397Jonathan Grant High School
7Farquharson Daniel7405146JAM1373Calabar High school
8Hare Nathan7406517JAM1294Jonathan Grant High School
9Davis Christopher7402848JAM1287Adult
10Parkinson Dondre7406380JAM1283St. Georges College
11Rose Danielle7403712JAM1280St. Catherine High School
12Dyer Nicholas7405596JAM1266Glenmuir High School
13Shakes Daniel7404395JAM1227Kingston College
14Gayle Kaity7405081JAM1224St. Andrew High School For Gir
15Dakin Errol7404573JAM1195Calabar High school
16Dixon Rickon7405570JAM1189Glenmuir High School
17Morris Cavelle7406533JAM1175Jonathan Grant High School
18Williams Daniel O7404603JAM1163Calabar High school
19Lunan Joseph7404255JAM1161Campion College
20Bingling Deidrick7404301JAM1144Kingston College
21Martin Giovanni7403348JAM1142Glenmuir High School
22Lawrence Jaden7405057JAM1107Waterford High School
23Fagan Nathan7403941JAM1094Ardenne High School
24Dennis Courtney7405332JAM1059Jonathan Grant High School
25Geddes Hoschan7406509JAM1047Glenmuir High School
26Dimetry Tyrique7406584JAM0Waterford High School
27Foster JoshuaJAM0St.Catherine High School
28Lewin Cavoy7406576JAM0Glenmuir High School
29Plummer JahieemJAM0St. Catherine High School
30Townsend AndreJAM0Calabar High School
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