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Bihar State Inter School Chess Championship-2019 (U-16 Girls)

Last update 09.11.2019 11:08:08, Creator/Last Upload: delhi chess association

Starting rank

1Anjali KumariIND0Patna Central
2Deeksha TyagiIND0
3Isha MohanIND0Bishop Scott
4Palak SinhaIND0Regal
5Pallawi KumariIND0Bishop Scott
7PrachiIND0O M Birla School Patna
8SakinaIND0Bishop Scott
9Sara ahmadIND0Redient
10ShivangiIND0Bishop Scott
11Shreya PrakashIND0Bishop Scott
12Shruti KumariIND0
13VarshaIND0Indiarpuram Public School
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