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Bihar State Inter School Chess Championship-2019 (U-14 Girls)

Last update 09.11.2019 11:04:37, Creator/Last Upload: delhi chess association

Starting rank

1Aayushi JaiswalIND0Omega
2Akansksha KumariIND0Bishop Scott
3ArchiIND0 Radiant International School Patna
4Arpita KumariIND0Sri Ram School
5Drishika SinghIND0 Radiant International School Patna
6Ishita GuptaIND0 Radiant International School Patna
7Jagriti KumariIND0St Zavier
8Kajal KumariIND0Bishop Scott
9KhushiIND0Bishop Scott
10Komal singh MuskanIND0
11Md FarhanIND0
12Nandini Raj SinghIND0Omega
13Pallavi KumariIND0Sri Ram School
14SagyaIND0Indirapuram Public School
15Sana KumariIND0Omega
16Shital KumariIND0Bishop Scott
17Siddhi SinghIND0Zeta
18Swini PalIND0Bishop Scott
19Tejas RajIND0
20Tejasvita RashiIND0Theta
21Trisha RanjanIND0IOTA
22Utpreksha PalakIND0Sri Ram School
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