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Bihar State Inter School Chess Championship-2019 (U-10 Open)

Senast uppdaterad09.11.2019 10:59:54, Creator/Last Upload: delhi chess association

Korstabell, efter startnummer

Nr.NamnRatingNation1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.RdPoängPlac. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Aaditya Om0IND 34b0 63w- 36w+ 62w0 32w01,0500,010,59,0
2Aakarsh Ranjan0IND 35w- 25b- 48b- 36w- 68w-0,0550,09,07,5
3Aarush Singh0IND 36b1 44w1 40b1 37w0 45b03,0120,013,010,5
4Abhishek0IND 38w+ 41b- 58w0 32b1 33b13,0190,011,09,5
5Abhishek Pathak0IND 37b- 28b- 38b- 38b- 36w-0,0560,09,07,5
6Abhishek Raj0IND 39w+ 45b- 35w1 14b0 34w02,0310,013,011,0
7Aishwary Keshar0IND 44b- 39b+ 41b0 39w½ 26b01,5450,511,09,0
8Ankit Raj0IND 40b0 36w+ 42w0 35b0 49w01,0480,011,09,0
9Arpit Kumar0IND 41w0 29b- 39b- 47b- 38b-0,0540,09,58,0
10Aryan0IND 42b- 38b- 43b- 59b- 47w-0,0570,09,07,5
11Asgar Hussain0IND 43w1 50b1 53w1 56b0 48w14,080,012,010,5
12Ashish Ranjan0IND 45w0 42b0 47w+ 44w0 43b12,0380,011,010,0
13Avinash Kumar0IND 46b0 47w+ 50w1 45w0 41b02,0360,012,010,5
14Ayush Kumar B0IND 48b1 46w1 45b½ 6w1 37b14,520,013,010,5
15Ayush Kumar R0IND 47w- -0 54w+ 43b1 63w13,0250,010,09,0
16Ayushman0IND 51b- 43b- 59b- 64b- 59b-0,0580,09,07,5
17Ayyush Kumar0IND 50w- -0 -0 -0 -00,0590,09,07,5
18Baski Gautam0IND 52w0 54b- 64b+ 50b0 67w+2,0440,07,56,5
19Dhananjay Narayan0IND 53b0 48w0 -1 57b+ 44b02,0410,010,08,5
20Hans Raj0IND 54w+ 52b- 44b1 46w0 52b02,0370,011,59,0
21Harsh Vardhan Raj0IND 55b0 65w- 65w- 54w- 54w-0,0530,010,08,5
22Ishaan Tejas0IND 56w0 59b- 49b1 65w0 57b+2,0350,012,510,0
23Ishan0IND 57b- -0 -0 -0 -00,0600,09,07,5
24Ishan Raj0IND 58w0 64b+ 46b0 67w+ 35w13,0220,010,59,0
25Jagat Kumar0IND 60b0 2w+ 57w+ 52w1 55b03,0150,012,010,0
26Janmejay Kumar0IND 59w1 56b0 60w0 61b½ 7w12,5280,512,510,5
27Mahi Raj0IND 61b- -0 -0 -0 -00,0610,09,07,5
28Mayank Manik0IND 62w- 5w+ 61w1 42b0 50w13,0210,010,59,0
29Mayank Singh0IND 63b0 9w+ 67w+ 55w0 65b02,0320,012,510,5
30Md Kaif Ullah0IND 64w1 57b+ 52b1 58b1 56w½4,510,013,511,0
31Mitansh Mihir0IND 65b1 53w- 63w0 68b1 60w02,0300,013,510,5
32Naman Nilesh0IND 66w+ 55w0 62b0 4w0 1b12,0330,012,510,5
33Neil Verma0IND 67b1 60w+ 56w0 48b0 4w02,0340,012,510,0
34Nilay dayal0IND 1w1 58b0 68w1 53b0 6b13,0200,010,59,5
35piyush Raj0IND 2b+ 61b- 6b0 8w1 24b02,0420,09,57,5
36Praneet Priyansh0IND 3w0 8b- 1b- 2b- 5b-0,0620,09,07,5
37Rahul singh0IND 5w+ 62w1 55b1 3b1 14w04,050,015,012,0
38Rahul Singh.0IND 4b- 10w- 5w- 5w- 9w-0,0630,09,07,5
39Rishav Singh0IND 6b- 7w- 9w+ 7b½ 61w01,5460,59,58,0
40Rudra Narayan0IND 8w1 68b1 3w0 60b1 53w03,0170,011,010,0
41Rudra Pratap Singh0IND 9b1 4w- 7w1 63b0 13w13,0230,010,59,0
42Saket0IND 10w- 12w1 8b1 28w1 62b03,0180,011,09,5
43Saksham Rai0IND 11b0 16w- 10w+ 15w0 12w01,0470,011,510,0
44Saksham Raj0IND 7w+ 3b0 20w0 12b1 19w13,0260,08,57,0
45Sankalp Singh0IND 12b1 6w+ 14w½ 13b1 3w14,540,011,510,0
46Saraansh Singla0IND 13w1 14b0 24w1 20b1 58w03,0130,012,510,5
47Shaswat Parmar0IND 15b- 13b- 12b- 9w- 10b-0,0640,09,07,5
48Sheyansh kamal0IND 14w0 19b1 2w+ 33w1 11b03,0140,012,010,5
49Shivansh Samrat0IND -0 -0 22w0 -1 8b12,0430,08,07,5
50Shourya0IND 17b+ 11w0 13b0 18w1 28b02,0390,010,59,0
51Shourya Kumar0IND 16w- -0 -0 -0 -00,0650,09,07,5
52Shrey Srivastva0IND 18b1 20w+ 30w0 25b0 20w13,0240,010,58,5
53ShreyraajSaumya0IND 19w1 31b+ 11b0 34w1 40b14,070,012,510,0
54Siddhant Tiwari0IND 20b- 18w- 15b- 21b- 21b-0,0660,09,07,5
55Siddharth0IND 21w1 32b1 37w0 29b1 25w14,0100,09,07,5
56Sumit Kumar0IND 22b1 26w1 33b1 11w1 30b½4,530,012,510,5
57Tanmay0IND 23w+ 30w- 25b- 19w- 22w-1,0490,011,09,0
58Tarun Verma0IND 24b1 34w1 4b1 30w0 46b14,060,013,010,0
59Tejas Shubh0IND 26b0 22w- 16w- 10w- 16w-0,0680,08,57,0
60Tejas Soni0IND 25w1 33b- 26b1 40w0 31b13,0160,011,59,0
61Tejash0IND 27w+ 35w- 28b0 26w½ 39b12,5290,511,09,0
62TejaswiSrivashtava0IND 28b+ 37b0 32w1 1b1 42w14,090,010,59,0
63Uttam raj0IND 29w1 1b- 31b1 41w1 15b03,0110,013,010,5
64Viraj Chauhan0IND 30b0 24w- 18w- 16w- -11,0510,010,08,5
65Vivek0IND 31w0 21b- 21b+ 22b1 29w13,0270,08,07,0
66Vivvek0IND 32b- -0 -0 -0 -00,0670,09,07,5
67Yajat Singh0IND 33w0 -1 29b- 24b- 18b-1,0520,09,07,5
68Yashaswi Srivashtava0IND -1 40w0 34b0 31w0 2b+2,0400,010,58,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)

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