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Bihar State Inter School Chess Championship-2019 (U-6 Open)

Last update 09.11.2019 10:57:27, Creator/Last Upload: delhi chess association

Starting rank

1Akarsh AnandIND0St anne
2AkshitIND0O M Birla School Patna
3Akshit ShauryaIND0Open mind Danapur
4Atulya prakash sinhaIND0Hello Kids
5Harsh RajIND0Shantiniketan
6Pal SakshiIND0KV Chapra
8RakshitIND0O M Birla School Patna
9Rudraksh SinhaIND0St Michael's Patna
10Samrat SinghIND0
11Shobhit PandeyIND0St Michael's Patna
12Shriymanya JainIND0Mount Litera Zee School Ara
13Shuyash kashyapIND0St Karens
14Suronoy DasIND0Speed Kids School Kishanganj
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