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First Saturday IM November 2019

Last update 12.11.2019 18:15:28, Creator/Last Upload: cherkassy cf

Starting rank list of players

7GMIlincic Zlatko900346SRB2398
2IMNguyen Van Thanh12402532VIE2370
10IMMartic Zlatko14500850CRO2308
4Sernecki Franciszek1169297POL2285
5Geher Koppany785091HUN2276
8IMNemeth Zoltan700657HUN2253
9CMVelarde Ramirez Hiram De Jesus5109582MEX2209
1FMLevay Sorin1206354ROU2170
3FMOngut Tamas Gunes770280HUN2164
6WFMGaal Zsoka777765HUN2074
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