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First Saturday GM November 2019

Last update 12.11.2019 19:34:03, Creator/Last Upload: cherkassy cf

Starting rank list of players

8GMAczel Gergely727709HUN2515
6GMTran Tuan Minh12401820VIE2509
3IMErenberg Ariel2811634ISR2482
2IMNguyen Van Huy12401064VIE2468
1IMAkash G5040299IND2456
10GMHarutjunyan Gevorg13300873ARM2423
5IMHujbert Florian730165HUN2420
4IMKargin Arseny4135997RUS2419
9FMKaracsonyi Gellert764620HUN2302
7Shome Shiv46608850IND2263
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