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Cupa "Alehin", editia a 4-a, Constanta

Last update 09.11.2019 11:12:04, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 12)

Starting rank

1Shishkov Minko2904624BUL2288
2Mihailov Iulian1210335ROU1987Acs Fianchetto Constanta
3IOprea Florea1214632ROU1968Acs Sissa Constanta
4Kutnik Alexandru-Francisc1202430ROU1965Acs Sissa Constanta
5Panainte Daniel-Iulian1220799ROU1880Acs Juniorul Constanta
6Kirchev Krasimir2910012BUL1858
7Linca Ionel1206311ROU1852Acs Sissa Constanta
8Petrov Plamen2904071BUL1851
9Dumitrascu Daniel1253824ROU1848Acs Fianchetto Constanta
10Anghel Iulian1215183ROU1837Acs Fianchetto Constanta
11Tudora Paul1269704ROU1819
12Mihalev Rosen2938375BUL1806
13Savu Marius-Florin1230018ROU1776Acs Sissa ConstantaF
14Craciun Gheorghe1209426ROU1741Cs Sparta Techirghiol
15IFlorescu Liviu-Gabriel1231120ROU1635Acs Fianchetto Constanta
16Bonciu David1239163ROU1590Acs Juniorul Constanta
17Luta Claudiu-Doru1254367ROU1520Acs Sissa Constanta
18Hagi Tudor1274333ROU1304Acs Sissa Constanta
19Jitea Andrei-Cristian1256416ROU1235Acs Fianchetto Constanta
20Cazan Mircea-Andrei1280066ROU1177Acs Fianchetto Constanta
21FCIspas Mircea-Constantin42200504ROU1001Acs Juniorul Constanta
22Zica IanisROU0Acs Sissa Constanta
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