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Century - Richmond Hill Open 2019 - U2100

Darrera actualització11.11.2019 00:44:02, Creador/Darrera càrrega: canada chess federation (licence 46)

Rànquing inicial

1Khachaturov Vadim2631660CAN2029
2Chernik Dmitry2613530CAN1995
3Xie Austin2623919CAN1956
4Mendoza Armand Jess2621509CAN1923
5Orozco Joey2613859CAN1913
6Li Yun Hong (Kevin)2631083CAN1895
7Hua Michelle2626837CAN1875
8Cater Brendan2632535CAN1848
9Sinclair SamCAN1806
10Xu Alex2634902CAN1782
11Sharma Vishruth2621215CAN1774
12Samokysh Yevhen2634970CAN1766
13Huang Richard2634899CAN1749
14Vijendra Vinushan2633590CAN1749
15Zhu Ricky2634996CAN1749
16Dong Yiwei2632128CAN1738
17Uthayakumar Ronan2623773CAN1724
18Liu Aaron2627426CAN1676
19Yang Larry2637618CAN1667