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Chess Max Academy 1st Fall GM Invitational 2019

Darrera actualització09.11.2019 05:15:27, Creador/Darrera càrrega: canada chess federation (licence 35)

Llista del rànquing inicial

2GMBarbosa Oliver5201640PHI2532
7GMYudasin Leonid2802341ISR2507
3GMParagua Mark5201241PHI2496
10IMBalakrishnan Praveen2064871USA2469
6IMJacobson Brandon30901561USA2452
9IMKorley Kassa2033801DEN2447
8IMNiemann Hans Moke2093596USA2436
4CMMishra Abhimanyu30920019USA2396
1IMMandizha Farai11000430ZIM2383
5IMLapshun Yury2006960USA2381