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2019 West Wales Major

Last update 13.10.2019 21:01:57, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1Pinch DavidWLS1842
2Di-Vetta AndrewWLS1812
3Williams DuncanWLS1793
4Pe PhilipWLS1789
5Miga TomaszWLS1759
6Jones Martin CWLS1746
7Horrell StephenWLS1696
8Parsons DavidWLS1691
9Philpin LesWLS1675
10Williams StephenWLS1675
11Penny LiamWLS1674
12Stuart NeilWLS1660
13Parri DeioWLS1659
14Jones HuwWLS1642
15Vesz MarcellWLS1561
16Probert MalcolmWLS1541
17James LucasWLS1515
18Szakmany BenceWLS1515
19Chung DanielWLS1434
20Wells ThomasWLS0
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