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Halleiner Eröffnungsblitz Turnier 2019

Last update 26.09.2019 20:07:50, Creator/Last Upload: schachlandesverband salzburg

Starting rank list of players

2Buchner Martin1615815AUT1983Hallein
5Hauthaler Mario1611313AUT1979Hallein
8Holzer Manuel1620797AUT1979Taxenbach
1Berti Rudolf1614134AUT1722Hallein
3Fischer Oliver16273524GER1688Hallein
7Rosenlechner Gerhard1654152AUT1622Hallein
4Baldemair Helmut1659863AUT1495Hallein
6Kipman Felix1653105AUT1481Hallein
9Lettner FritzAUT971Hallein
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