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Iraqi Final for Women Championship 2011

Last update 24.03.2011 11:32:14, Creator/Last Upload: iraqi chess federation

Starting rank list of players

6WIMIman H M Al-RufayeIRQ2149
4WIMIbrahim Delbak IsmaelIRQ1929
8WCMMaha L IsmaelIRQ1856
5WCMJwan Jamal Mohammed AmeenIRQ1848
7Saad RanaIRQ1777
2WCMKareen K JalaluldeenIRQ1763
9Aisha Ali ,ahmedIRQ1522
3Amal Majid KhudhairIRQ1443
10Sami SamaIRQ0
1Zainab AasifIRQ0