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Senioren Blitz Rallye 6.V

Last update 08.08.2019 12:53:24, Creator/Last Upload: kreutz josef

Starting rank list of players

1Pregl Walter1610112AUT1977Absam
2Hofer Hermann1646494AUT1763Olymp. Dorf Innsbruck
3Janes Christian1615793AUT1702Steinach/Brenner
4Hofer Franz Dr.1612921AUT1653Bretze Hall In Tirol
5Janda Bernhard1662376AUT1565Olymp. Dorf Innsbruck
6Kreutz Josef1635557AUT1335Olymp. Dorf Innsbruck
7Egger Herbert1621840AUT1313Olymp. Dorf Innsbruck
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