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Campionat infantil d'escacs per festes majors d'Amposta 2019 Patrocinat per Germans Gelida SL - Ebre Mòbil

Last update 14.08.2019 20:03:33, Creator/Last Upload: ruben morales medel

Player info

NameJuan Bosch Alba (sub12)
Starting rank24
Rating national1350
Rating international0
Performance rating1239
Club/CityLa Selva del Camp


12453Fontanet Tomàs Unai (sub08)1200CATAmposta2,0s 1
289Quintilla Alonso Nicolas (sub12)1520ARABinéfar4,0w 0
31539Montero Grau Héctor (sub10)1300CATL'Ampolla3,0s 1
457Chavarria Llambrich Pep (sub12)1571CATAmposta5,0w 0
51240Ramos Galan David (sub10)1300VALVinaròs3,0s 0
61841Ferré Obradós Climent (sub08)1296CATAmposta3,5w ½
71856Juan Bosch Jaume (sub08)1200CATReus Deportiu4,0s 0
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