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4-5 - FEM - Regional Sul Escolar 2019

Last update 18.08.2019 23:21:05, Creator/Last Upload: metrópole xadrez clube

Player info

NamePinhao Giovana de Carvalho
Starting rank8
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating1400
Club/CityE.M.E.F. DOM DIOGO DE SOUZA - Viamã
Year of birth 2009


111de Souza Izadora de Oliveira1800Carlos Gorini - Criciúma3,0w 1
212Donato Alice Fagundes1800Colégio Michel - Criciúma2,5w 0
334Baldez Maria Rita de Cassia da Silva0E.M.E.F. DOM DIOGO DE SOUZA - Viamã1,0s 1
433Santos Nicoly Guilherme dos1800Clotildes Maria Martins Lalau - Cri4,5s 0
549Pinhao Isabela de Carvalho0E.M.E.F. DOM DIOGO DE SOUZA - Viamã4,0w 0
6611Silva Raiane Silva da0E.M.E.F. DOM DIOGO DE SOUZA - Viamã1,0s 1
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