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Ensino Médio - MASC - Regional Sul Escolar 2019

Last update 18.08.2019 23:18:39, Creator/Last Upload: metrópole xadrez clube

Player info

NamePastuchenko Luan Henrique
Starting rank6
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating915
Club/CityColégio Sinodal Tiradentes - Campo
Year of birth 2002


11Tomiello Lucas Costamilan1828BRACetec - Caxias do Sul3,5s 0
24Schmidt Erick Eduardo Da Silva1723BRAEscola Lapagese - Criciúma2,0w 0
32Oliveira Danyel Angelo Aquino1821BRASen. Ernesto Dornelles - Porto Aleg4,0s 0
45Liesenfeld Marcelo Leonardo1395BRAMadre Benicia - Novo Hamburgo1,0w 0
53Tomiello Mateus Costamilan1808BRACetec - Caxias do Sul4,5s 0