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TORRE BLANCA - IRT Sub 2200 de Agosto 2019

Last update 28.08.2019 04:00:02, Creator/Last Upload: ai leandro

Starting rank

1Galarce Ruben112690ARG2044
2Salvatti Diego104302ARG2025
3Gerschenfeld Martin109487ARG1891
4Vitola Leonardo150916ARG1885
5Goldwasser Jonathan176214ARG1815
6Ronco Alejandro159247ARG1799
7Cerutti Carlos152722ARG1796
8Gonzalez Pablo119334ARG1786
9Sobel Walter160440ARG1697
10Lalli Maximiliano153915ARG1627
11Maskin Fernando156728ARG1611
12Federico Daniel182605ARG1548
13Aragon Nicolas192716ARG0
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