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Segunda Categoria UNRC

Senast uppdaterad11.09.2019 18:11:37, Creator/Last Upload: aapcajedrez


1Marconi NicolasARG1885
2Gutierrez FranciscoARG1884
3Verstraete MarcosARG1860
4Berzezio ErnestoARG1837
5Sosa KevinARG1800
6Serra MateoARG1756
7Barroto JoseARG1747
8Sanchez FrancoARG1739
9Tenaglia ClaudioARG1709
10Meneguzzo MauroARG1656
11Santamaria MartinARG1653
12Esquenazi SantiagoARG1629
13Caballero DamianARG1569
14Volta MateoARG1548
15Tobares OrianaARG1530
16Chavez AgustinARG1511
17Di Cola ValentinoARG1495
18Simone MarcosARG1459
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