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Mini Open Clube de Xadrez São Paulo 12.07.2019 (Rating Interno)

Last update 13.07.2019 03:35:57, Creator/Last Upload: anderson willians

Starting rank

1MC Julio Fernandes2176
2MC Marcos Capuzzo2098
3Sergio Jovelino1963
4Antonio Vallejos1961
5Vinicius Araujo1960
6Rodrigo de Mello1935
7Pedro Moraes1931
8Adolfo Vallejos1910
9Diego Wozniak1844
10Jacques Roizman1800
11Jorge Costa1800
12Jussier Cabral1800
13Vitor Moraes1800
14Oleg Bokhonok1800
15Willian Francisco1800
16Teodora Ribeiro1791
17Joao Zanetti1782
18Bruno Neves1753
19Marco Aragao1728
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