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St James Open 2019 U-1600 Section

Last update 14.07.2019 23:53:37, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 3)

Starting rank

1Campbell Tevin7403380JAM1567Jamaica College
2Williams Aldane7406053JAM1649Adult
3Vernon Mark7403267JAM1535Green Island High School
4Mcintyre Nickayla7406126JAM1351Green Island High School
5Cunningham Darren7406061JAM1345Green Island High School
6Griffiths Kevin7406070JAM1302Green Island High School
7Warner Tyresse7406088JAM1277Holland High School
8Stephenson Shaun7406150JAM1271Holland High School
9Cole Ryan7405740JAM1203Steths
10Mckay Justin7402864JAM1189Campion College
11Mckay Paris7402899JAM1051St. Andrew Preparatory School
12Davis Kenroy7404891JAM1000Holland High School
13Williams Lamar7405847JAM934Steths
14Bernard Vivian7405863JAM0Adult
15Dean Martin7406100JAM0Holland High School
16Lawrence Nickoy7406177JAM0Holland High School
17Lloyd Gary7406037JAM0Adult
18Morgan Shamique7406142JAM0Uwi Mobay
19Platt Tajay7406118JAM0Uwi Mobay
20Samuels Delano7406169JAM0Heinz Simonitsch School
21Walters Odaine7406096JAM0Holland High School
22Williams Kenroy7406134JAM0 Adult
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