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Turneul International de Sah VI Balogh Janos Memorial turneul D - U12

Last update 20.08.2019 16:49:49, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 5)

Player info

NamePirvu Nicolae-Mina
Starting rank33
Rating national1001
Rating international0
Performance rating1007
Club/CityClub Sah Caissa Miercurea Ciuc
Year of birth 2009


11726Kovacs Balazs01001ROUCs Vointa Satu Mare5,0s 0
21818Bardosi Dantes Armin01001ROUCss Targu Mures3,0w 1
3711IIKiss Abigel01026ROUCss Targu Mures5,0s 0
41424Fekete Bernadett01001ROUCs De Sah Viitorul Miercurea C3,0w 1
521-2not paired000,0- 0
621-2not paired000,0- 0
721-2not paired000,0- 0
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