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Pretoria Chess Club Blitz Tournament 2019

Last update 28.08.2019 21:26:09, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 57)

Player info

Namevan der Heever Derick
Starting rank6
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating691
Club/CityPTA Chess Club


129Leveque Michel0RSAPTA Chess Club21,5w 0
229Leveque Michel0RSAPTA Chess Club21,5s 0
330Hofman Rian0RSAPTA Chess Club18,0s
430Hofman Rian0RSAPTA Chess Club18,0w
531Stevanovic Nedjo0RSAPTA Chess Club48,5w 0
631Stevanovic Nedjo0RSAPTA Chess Club48,5s 0
732Tissot v Patot Anton0RSAPTA Chess Club23,0s 0
832Tissot v Patot Anton0RSAPTA Chess Club23,0w 1
933Tissot v Patot Donovan0RSAPTA Chess Club11,0w 0
1033Tissot v Patot Donovan0RSAPTA Chess Club11,0s 0
111van der Walt Pierre0RSAPTA Chess Club47,0s 0
121van der Walt Pierre0RSAPTA Chess Club47,0w 0
132Swart Riaan0RSAPTA Chess Club47,0w 0
142Swart Riaan0RSAPTA Chess Club47,0s 0
153Fuhri Johan0RSAPTA Chess Club5,0s 1
163Fuhri Johan0RSAPTA Chess Club5,0w 1
174Marais Charl0RSAPTA Chess Club17,0w
184Marais Charl0RSAPTA Chess Club17,0s
195Hollhumer Rechard0RSAPTA Chess Club16,5s 0
205Hollhumer Rechard0RSAPTA Chess Club16,5w 0
21-bye- --- 0
22-bye- --- 0
237Heyns Anthon0RSAPTA Chess Club12,5w 0
247Heyns Anthon0RSAPTA Chess Club12,5s 0
258Wohlfahrt Oscar0RSAPTA Chess Club19,0s
268Wohlfahrt Oscar0RSAPTA Chess Club19,0w
279Senekal Erik0RSAPTA Chess Club4,0w
289Senekal Erik0RSAPTA Chess Club4,0s
2910Hollhumer Heinrich0RSAPTA Chess Club13,0s 1
3010Hollhumer Heinrich0RSAPTA Chess Club13,0w 0
3111van Ginkel Adolf0RSAPTA Chess Club22,0w 0
3211van Ginkel Adolf0RSAPTA Chess Club22,0s 0
3312van Wyk Justus0RSAPTA Chess Club1,0s
3412van Wyk Justus0RSAPTA Chess Club1,0w
3513Senekal Fred0RSAPTA Chess Club50,0w 0
3613Senekal Fred0RSAPTA Chess Club50,0s 0
3714Moolman Francois0RSAPTA Chess Club22,5s 0
3814Moolman Francois0RSAPTA Chess Club22,5w 0
3915Pretorius Wynand0RSAPTA Chess Club21,0w
4015Pretorius Wynand0RSAPTA Chess Club21,0s
4116Nel Carel0RSAPTA Chess Club18,5s 1
4216Nel Carel0RSAPTA Chess Club18,5w 0
4317Swanepoel Karel0RSAPTA Chess Club4,0w
4417Swanepoel Karel0RSAPTA Chess Club4,0s
4518Jacobs Leon0RSAPTA Chess Club33,0s 0
4618Jacobs Leon0RSAPTA Chess Club33,0w 0
4719Coulson Travers0RSAPTA Chess Club18,5w
4819Coulson Travers0RSAPTA Chess Club18,5s
4920Wohlfahrt Daniel0RSAPTA Chess Club27,5s 0
5020Wohlfahrt Daniel0RSAPTA Chess Club27,5w 0
5121Fuhri Ruben0RSAPTA Chess Club8,0w
5221Fuhri Ruben0RSAPTA Chess Club8,0s
5322Mare Eben0RSAPTA Chess Club32,0s 0
5422Mare Eben0RSAPTA Chess Club32,0w 0
5523Stevens Frank0RSAPTA Chess Club23,5w 0
5623Stevens Frank0RSAPTA Chess Club23,5s 0
5724van der Meer Marine0RSAPTA Chess Club7,0s
5824van der Meer Marine0RSAPTA Chess Club7,0w
5925van der Meer Reenen0RSAPTA Chess Club4,0w
6025van der Meer Reenen0RSAPTA Chess Club4,0s
6126Terblanche Juan0RSAPTA Chess Club27,0s 0
6226Terblanche Juan0RSAPTA Chess Club27,0w 0
6327Crossley Kyle0RSAPTA Chess Club9,0w 0
6427Crossley Kyle0RSAPTA Chess Club9,0s 1
6528Denner Duan0RSAPTA Chess Club36,5s 0
6628Denner Duan0RSAPTA Chess Club36,5w 0
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