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Pretoria Chess Club Blitz Tournament 2019

Last update 28.08.2019 21:26:09, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 57)

Player info

Namevan Wyk Justus
Starting rank12
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating499
Club/CityPTA Chess Club


123Stevens Frank0RSAPTA Chess Club23,5w
223Stevens Frank0RSAPTA Chess Club23,5s
324van der Meer Marine0RSAPTA Chess Club7,0s
424van der Meer Marine0RSAPTA Chess Club7,0w
525van der Meer Reenen0RSAPTA Chess Club4,0w
625van der Meer Reenen0RSAPTA Chess Club4,0s
726Terblanche Juan0RSAPTA Chess Club27,0s 0
826Terblanche Juan0RSAPTA Chess Club27,0w 0
927Crossley Kyle0RSAPTA Chess Club9,0w 0
1027Crossley Kyle0RSAPTA Chess Club9,0s 0
1128Denner Duan0RSAPTA Chess Club36,5s 0
1228Denner Duan0RSAPTA Chess Club36,5w 0
1329Leveque Michel0RSAPTA Chess Club21,5w
1429Leveque Michel0RSAPTA Chess Club21,5s
1530Hofman Rian0RSAPTA Chess Club18,0s
1630Hofman Rian0RSAPTA Chess Club18,0w
1731Stevanovic Nedjo0RSAPTA Chess Club48,5w
1831Stevanovic Nedjo0RSAPTA Chess Club48,5s
1932Tissot v Patot Anton0RSAPTA Chess Club23,0s 0
2032Tissot v Patot Anton0RSAPTA Chess Club23,0w 0
2133Tissot v Patot Donovan0RSAPTA Chess Club11,0w 0
2233Tissot v Patot Donovan0RSAPTA Chess Club11,0s 0
231van der Walt Pierre0RSAPTA Chess Club47,0s 0
241van der Walt Pierre0RSAPTA Chess Club47,0w 0
252Swart Riaan0RSAPTA Chess Club47,0w 0
262Swart Riaan0RSAPTA Chess Club47,0s 0
273Fuhri Johan0RSAPTA Chess Club5,0s
283Fuhri Johan0RSAPTA Chess Club5,0w
294Marais Charl0RSAPTA Chess Club17,0w
304Marais Charl0RSAPTA Chess Club17,0s
315Hollhumer Rechard0RSAPTA Chess Club16,5s 0
325Hollhumer Rechard0RSAPTA Chess Club16,5w 0
336van der Heever Derick0RSAPTA Chess Club6,0w
346van der Heever Derick0RSAPTA Chess Club6,0s
357Heyns Anthon0RSAPTA Chess Club12,5s
367Heyns Anthon0RSAPTA Chess Club12,5w
378Wohlfahrt Oscar0RSAPTA Chess Club19,0w 0
388Wohlfahrt Oscar0RSAPTA Chess Club19,0s 0
399Senekal Erik0RSAPTA Chess Club4,0s
409Senekal Erik0RSAPTA Chess Club4,0w
4110Hollhumer Heinrich0RSAPTA Chess Club13,0w 1
4210Hollhumer Heinrich0RSAPTA Chess Club13,0s 0
4311van Ginkel Adolf0RSAPTA Chess Club22,0s
4411van Ginkel Adolf0RSAPTA Chess Club22,0w
45-bye- --- 0
46-bye- --- 0
4713Senekal Fred0RSAPTA Chess Club50,0w 0
4813Senekal Fred0RSAPTA Chess Club50,0s 0
4914Moolman Francois0RSAPTA Chess Club22,5s 0
5014Moolman Francois0RSAPTA Chess Club22,5w 0
5115Pretorius Wynand0RSAPTA Chess Club21,0w 0
5215Pretorius Wynand0RSAPTA Chess Club21,0s 0
5316Nel Carel0RSAPTA Chess Club18,5s
5416Nel Carel0RSAPTA Chess Club18,5w
5517Swanepoel Karel0RSAPTA Chess Club4,0w 0
5617Swanepoel Karel0RSAPTA Chess Club4,0s 0
5718Jacobs Leon0RSAPTA Chess Club33,0s
5818Jacobs Leon0RSAPTA Chess Club33,0w
5919Coulson Travers0RSAPTA Chess Club18,5w
6019Coulson Travers0RSAPTA Chess Club18,5s
6120Wohlfahrt Daniel0RSAPTA Chess Club27,5s
6220Wohlfahrt Daniel0RSAPTA Chess Club27,5w
6321Fuhri Ruben0RSAPTA Chess Club8,0w
6421Fuhri Ruben0RSAPTA Chess Club8,0s
6522Mare Eben0RSAPTA Chess Club32,0s
6622Mare Eben0RSAPTA Chess Club32,0w
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