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South Zone Chess Carnival 2019 - Girls Under 8

Ostatnia aktualizacja strony27.06.2019 11:44:48, Creator/Last Upload: arlan cabe

Lista startowa

1Chan Liqing TeaganCHIJ
2Chia Xin Le GabrielleKCS
3Jayakumar Petra BiancaCHIJ
4Li FeileRGPS
5Lian Pei Ying SophieCHIJ
6Lim Jia Xing Charlotte NicoleCHIJ
7Oh Kai Le KaeleighKCS
8Piron Chloe MaeRGPS
9See Ya Ern JoleneKCS
10Tai Shi Xuan ReanneKCPS
11Teh Kai Yuan NicoleKCS
12Yuan Qi Hui SophieRGPS
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