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North Wales Major

Last update 23.06.2019 20:09:41, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Starting rank

1Lee James454869ENG1885Chester
2Barber Andrew433918ENG1860
3Gamble Raymond J406066ENG1852
4Benson Paul J406678ENG1849
5Boulden DavidENG1825Denton
6Ashcroft Graham J438090ENG1823
7Cawston M John434000ENG1813
8Dean Robert A422860ENG1807
9Williamson Graham A2402459SCO1789
10Fisher Peter S343272875ENG1788Wrexham
11Lambert John F415596ENG1788Atticus
12Carlucci Paul A420263ENG1769
13Holland Ray J1804618WLS1766
14Williams Duncan1805592WLS1750
15Spencer Elliott467189ENG1743Ecclesall
16Doherty Paul451126ENG1738
17Francis Matthew1802801WLS1697
18Davies Sam434990ENG1693
19Pinch David1805193WLS1673
20Taylor Robert P412929ENG1673
21Smith Andrew Pe469793ENG1668
22Sutcliffe JohnENG1653Chester
23Parri Deio1802259WLS1651
24Davies Huw1805495WLS1642Daventry
25Connor Michael I420654ENG1639
26Roberts Malcolm A404578ENG1616
27Williams Raymond469238ENG1607
28Hirst Joe458791ENG1604
29Rajagopal Juan1805614WLS1600
30Bush Ian447218ENG1578
31Bridgeman Matthew343113780ENG1575
32Szwajkun Richard434850ENG1574
33Banerjee Sanjoy K462799ENG1571Atticus
34Jones Dewi1803280WLS1532
35Lloyd Stephen M402672ENG1526
36AFMBridgeman Niamh343113833ENG1478
37Lee Michael A460834ENG1472
38Hawthorne Julian N453757ENG1344
39Wells Barrie1804960WLS1281
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