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20th ASEAN+ Age Groups Chess Championships 2019 - Open 8 Blitz chess

Ostatnia aktualizacja strony18.06.2019 07:20:23, Creator/Last Upload: ia fide

Lista startowa

1Vivaan Vijay Saraogi25787101IND1425
2Nguyen Quang Minh12424609VIE1368
3Ha Minh Tung12424811VIE1343
4Nguyen Nghia Gia Binh12417548VIE1337
5Tran Minh Khang12417866VIE1266
6Nguyen Hoang Bach12419583VIE1237
7Jitwichian Pataradit6209963THA1230
8Nguyen Manh Duc12419648VIE1187
9Nguyen Xuan An12424994VIE1022
10Bangay Herson5230845PHI0
11Casiguran Phil Martin5239397PHI0
12Dau Khuong Duy12424722VIE0
13Dinh Tran Nhat Anh12424552VIE0
14Duong Vu Anh12424803VIE0
15Le Cong Khanh Nam12420905VIE0
16Nguyen Van Nhat Linh12424072VIE0
17Oak Soe Kyaw13015605MYA0
18Reyes Oshrie Jhames5232856PHI0
19Shin Thet Aung13015230MYA0
20Tin Myo Linn13015460MYA0
21Tran Bao Minh12425214VIE0
22Tran Tri Duc12425222VIE0