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20th ASEAN+ Age Groups Chess Championships 2019 - Open 6 Blitz chess

Ostatnia aktualizacja strony18.06.2019 07:27:35, Creator/Last Upload: ia fide

Sortowanie zawodników wg Elo

4Chu An Khoi12425281VIE0
5Dang Duc Lam12425192VIE0
3Hein Thant Htun13015630MYA0
8Ho Quoc Duy12425206VIE0
6Hoang Anh Kiet12424820VIE0
7Nguyen Duy Phong12425265VIE0
1Shein Khant Aung13015702MYA0
2Ye Hein Khant13015222MYA0