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20th ASEAN+ Age Groups Chess Championships 2019 - Girls 12 Rapid chess

Ostatnia aktualizacja strony17.06.2019 14:42:12, Creator/Last Upload: ia fide

Lista startowa

1Nguyen Ngoc Hien12418722VIE1455
2WCMNguyen Linh Dan12415375VIE1445
3Rice Lauren5824591SGP1427
4WCMNguyen Le Cam Hien12415359VIE1409
5Thai Ngoc Tuong Minh12411868VIE1396
6Dinh Nguyen Hien Anh12413410VIE1392
7Tong Thai Ky An12415855VIE1378
8Canino Ruelle5220416PHI1373
9WCMNguyen Hoang Thai Ngoc12415340VIE1365
10Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Nghi12419028VIE1310
11Chau Dien Nha Uyen12418773VIE1271
12Nguyen Binh Vy12419966VIE1260
13Racasa Antonella Berthe5226171PHI1169
14Dela Cruz Daren5220424PHI1164
15Vo Dinh Khai My12417262VIE1119
16Hsu Yoon Yin13015290MYA0
17Marticio Jersey5236215PHI0
18Moe Thu Aung13014986MYA0
19San San13013874MYA0
20Su Wa Ti Aung13015117MYA0
21Su Yadi Lin13012436MYA0
22Yin Aye Chan13015109MYA0
23Zin Zin Soe13015419MYA0