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G - Cupa Gresu 2019 - incepatori

Last update 09.09.2019 09:44:07, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 21)

Starting rank

1FCApostol Anastasia424090801001wU06Cs Politehnica Iasi
2FCBalaban Albert-Edward418082201001U06Acs Genius Galati
3FCCalin Rares-Ionut418079201001U06Acs Smart Galati
4FCCarp Matias418083501001U06Acs Genius Galati
5Balaban Iustin001001U06Acs Genius Galati
6Dascalescu Adelin-Stefan001001NLCSM Focsani 2007
7Iacob Maria001001wNLAcs Satori Art Slobozia
8Iacob Mihai001001NLAcs Satori Art Slobozia
9Lungu Giulia001001wNLCSM Focsani 2007
10Motca Mara001001wNLIasi
11Mureșan Robert Andrei001001U06CSM Focsani 2007
12Pila Denis-Ionut001001NLCSM Focsani 2007
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