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Memorial chess players Sterlitamak 2019 (Rapid) Межрегиональный турнир памяти стерлитамакских шахматистов турнир А

Last update 17.06.2019 06:35:29, Creator/Last Upload: v. startsev (ufa, russia)

Player info

NameShamin Mikhail
Starting rank18
Rating national1700
Rating international1825
Performance rating1867
FIDE rtg +/-0,0
Club/CityУфимский р-н
Year of birth 1955


111Fakhretdinov Robert23302293RUSСалават7,0w 0
21225Litvinov Dmitri16191611RUSСтерлитамак3,5s 1
31033Beylin Sergey01583RUSОренбург5,0w 1
444Vlasov Andrey22242188RUSСтерлитамак5,0w 0
566Litvinov Maxim21482157RUSСтерлитамак5,5s 1
659Timankin Fedor20672050RUSУфа5,0s 0
787Baemov Ilnur21002078RUSСтерлитамак4,0w 0
81226Nazarova Kamila15611480RUSСтерлитамак4,5s ½
91114Gataullin Khamza18891675RUSСтерлитамак4,5w 0
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