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20th ASEAN+ Age Groups Chess Championships 2019 - Open 16 Standard chess

Ostatnia aktualizacja strony16.06.2019 08:28:45, Creator/Last Upload: ia fide

Lista startowa

1Dao Minh Nhat12412279VIE2121
2Nay Lin Tun13004255MYA2119
3FMNgo Duc Tri12405060VIE2083
4Pham Phu Quang12412791VIE1957
5Nguyen Lam Thien12414093VIE1936
6FMPham Phu Vinh12405191VIE1808
7Cantela Juan Samson Guillermo5220572PHI1748
8Escote Leonel5223377PHI0
9Hein Htet13015311MYA0
10Nay Min Tun13015141MYA0
11Nyan Linn San13013823MYA0
12Saraos Clyde Harris5222087PHI0
13Thant Zin Tun13007980MYA0