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63rd Bahrain Chess Academy Blitz Fide Rated 2019

Last update 13.06.2019 20:50:48, Creator/Last Upload: bahrain chess academy

Starting rank

1IMTissir Mohamed9000240MAR2420
2Rouquier Burhan11200413BRN1802
3Ghaith Almomani8110930JOR1786
4Al Ali Faisal H21504814KSA1739
5Fathi Mohamed9210180LBA1724
6Shaker Musab11201789BRN1695
7Cagampan Dado5217091PHI1676
8Gopi Krishna Saravanan45045020IND1665
9Cherian Thomas Yakov11202939IND1612
10Mustafa Husain Hani11200898BRN1383
11Nikunj Vasant11202386IND1221
12Rohan Atul Singhvi25929283IND1205
13Vyom Gupta25953389IND1194
14Aditya Jithesh25979876IND1020
15Ahmed NaderBRN0
16Al-Madani Ebrahim11203005BRN0
17Taha Sameh10632930EGY0
18Taqi Sayed Mohamed11203951BRN0