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Doprastav CUP 2019

Last update 22.09.2019 00:58:11, Creator/Last Upload: slovak chess federation

Starting rank list of players

4Ochrana Ladislav14909022SVK1954SK STRELEC Devinska Nova Ves
5Goga Frantisek14909995SVK1812Sk Doprastav Bratislava
7Durovka Stefan14909642SVK1746Sachovy Klub Dubravan
1Halasz Michal14908271SVK1633Sk Doprastav Bratislava
9Hutman Martin14943514SVK1537Sk Doprastav Bratislava
3Kulik Juraj14927497SVK1525Sk Doprastav Bratislava
6Jambrich Jaromir14915944SVK1508Sk Apollo Slovnaft Bratislava
8Struhar Adrian14948818SVK1420Sachovy Klub Dubravan
2Horbalova Ivana14930579SVK1343Sk Furca
10Sipos Patrik14936097SVK1000Sk Doprastav Bratislava
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