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Lejweleputswa 6th Qualifying Swiss Open Tournament - 2019 A-section

Son güncelleme25.05.2019 17:52:02, Oluşturan: south african chess fed. (licence 125),Son Yükleyen: south african chess fed. (licence 108)

Başlangıç Sıralaması

1Malan MathysRSA1102
2Daniel ChristiaanRSA1082
3Jacobs DuanRSA1001
4Motlalane TumeloRSA885
5Sehole TshepangRSA857
6Masakane NeoRSA726
7Lombard KevinRSA0
8Mbelekoane ZandiRSA0
9Setsoho ItumelengRSA945