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IV IRT Sub 1600 C.A. Mar Menor

Last update 17.06.2019 10:35:27, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 535)

Player info

NameRico Carretero Jose Carlos
Starting rank6
Rating national1573
Rating international1560
Performance rating1762
FIDE rtg +/-43,6
Club/CityCDA Lapuerta
Year of birth 2006


1544Cid Conde Josefina10821065Chamberi1,5s 1403,20
2532Martinez Molina Julian12711294Lorca2,5w ½40-13,60
3926Fernandez Ballester Antonio F13401342Los Alcázares3,5s 1408,80
4424Rubio Popoteur Samuel13571358Excalibur4,0w 1409,60
5218ACMGonzalez Castillo Jose Javier14571567Puerta Elvira4,0w 14014,40
621Rubio Garcia Antonio Ramon15831600Tijola4,0s 14021,20
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