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IV IRT Sub 1600 C.A. Mar Menor

Last update 17.06.2019 10:35:27, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 535)

Player info

NameChernyshov Georgii
Starting rank29
Rating national1162
Rating international1325
Performance rating1150
FIDE rtg +/--62,0
Club/CityMar Menor
Year of birth 2009


12769Martinez Jaen Alberto00Mar Menor2,5s 1
222Caballero Frutos Jose Alfredo15801589Vistabella5,0w 040-7,60
32048Valsera Gomez Minerva10511079Mar Menor2,0s ½40-13,20
42063Ferrandez Lozano Salvador Andres00CAC Beniaján1,5w 1
5104Arenas Gracia Daniel15621572Los Alcázares4,0s 040-8,00
62050Clemente Grande Daniel10491036La Roda3,5w 040-33,20
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